Privacy Policy

To support the protection of personal data, in order to protect online privacy, (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") would like to declare the following external instructions Dayout software and services (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") using the online collection by way of personal data, scope, method of use, and the way other inquiries or correct matters.

Policy collect personal information

The average user enters service, it will need to sign in using Facebook authorization, the Company will obtain your personal information on Facebook, including your name, friend, birthday, gender and e-mail. The company will store this information and this information will be displayed on your profile page on this service for other users to view.

The services provide more privacy profile fields for a user to selectively fill, if you choose to enter this information, that information will be publicly accessible to other users, so please carefully fill out.

The company will record the user on-line time, IP address and station activity information and other information, but these data only for network traffic analysis and conduct investigations in order to improve the quality of services, such information only on the total amount of analysis, and not specific individuals connected system.


When using this service, you can selectively carry out identity verification, including verification steps to upload your document, you agree that your documents will be stored, and the information you disclose on the document in the next chapter of the limited conditions.

Use and transmission of personal data

imposed in conformity with this Privacy Policy for the use of, the Company will not sell or provide your personal information to anyone without your consent condition. You agree that the Company may use in the following cases of foreign or disclose your personal information:

  1. If you are in violation of our terms of service, or could cause harm to the Company, or your behavior has led to any person suffering damage, disclose your personal information in order to identify, contact or bring legal action which are necessary.
  2. check or transfer judicial police units or other authority or law-based public interest, require the Company to provide certain personal information by law or by the Company based on the public interest considerations to be with those.
  3. to fulfill legal obligations or other legally have a third person to expose the situation.

To protect user privacy, we can not query other users' account information for you, please forgive me! If you have a relevant legal issues need to consult others, please make sure to tell the police unit, we will fully cooperate with the police unit to investigate and provide all relevant information to assist in the investigation.

modify and delete personal data

Once you have registered as a member in the company, in addition to changing the system prohibits the data, you can always use your member ID and password to change the information you previously provided to ensure its correctness.

You acknowledge and understand that you can modify the information in this site does not include your past record of services.

You acknowledge and agree that the Company delete to member account, your personal information will be retained for at least 12 months to prepare for the dispute verification purposes. To avoid others when the account is deleted, re-register the same member account generated identity confusion plagued these accounts do not provide follow-up will remain registered for use.

Information security

The company your personal data is done there is protection against leakage. But the company can not guarantee the absolute security of your information, if the outflow of personal data occurs, both the Company assumes no responsibility.


The company will use cookies to store user data.